• Client Testimonials

    GF - Son of a client

    "LJM looked after my mum admirably until she passed away.
    I couldn't ask anymore from this care company the carers are friendly, competent and very caring. The management team is excellent and resolves any matters quickly.
    I would highly recommend then to anybody who needs care at home."

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    JJ - Client

    "With LJM's help, I have been able to stay at home. Over that time staff have changed, covid has made things difficult at times with people going off sick and travel can be difficult but someone has come at regular times to help me take medication."

    "I hope LJM will continue to care for me - I couldn't manage without you. It is only the very few that haven't taken on board my actual conditions."

    Sourced from homecare.co.uk review

    HD - Grandaughter of a client

    "LJM can't do enough to help my Grandparents - flexible with days and times of care calls and can add in extra calls with less than 24hrs notice. Thank you so much!"

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    DR - Client

    "We have had many different carers coming and they have all been very thorough, always cheerful and we have no complaints only thanks for their care."

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    HS - Daughter of a Client

    "So pleased with the carers who come to help Mum, they are all friendly and willing to do anything that is required. Always smiling and chatting to Mum and Dad.
    It has helped me knowing someone is going into them and they are not on their own. Thank you."

    Sourced from homecare.co.uk review

    HP - Client

    "I could not have managed without my carers. I am on my own and I have no family. The carers are like my family and they work and do whatever they can for you to tend to your needs. Being on my own I enjoy the company and new ones. Even if it's not for long. It helps break the loneliness. They care about

    me and I care about them, all the careers and office workers who I know and some of them that help with care. They cost a lot of money but I need them because I am housebound."

    Sourced from homecare.co.uk review
  • Employee Testimonials

    EO - Care Worker

    "I've been with LJM HOMECARE for 5 months and have always felt supported and valued as a member of the team. The hours I work are convenient for my studies and personal life, and they allow me to have a life outside of the workplace. The employee benefits are simply outstanding; the pay is excellent, the training is of high quality, and the client care is exceptional. The owners, directors, and managers are the most supportive and understanding people I have ever met because they go above and beyond to make the working experience enjoyable and profitable for every member of staff, they value the time and effort I put into my role, and I am grateful that they have allowed me to work for them."

    SB - Care Worker

    "LJM are a great company to work for. I had never done care before starting with LJM but with great training and plenty of support from managers and other carers I learnt the ropes and managed to complete relevant training for me to become a carer. Loved working for the company, hope to be able to rejoin the team in the future."

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    KW - Care Worker

    "Absolutely loved working for this company the managers are amazing all the care workers that I had the privilege to work with were very professional and supportive. If I was to recommend any care company for work or care I would defiantly recommend LJM. They weren't just work friends we was one big family"

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